Whole Sabut Moong Mung Beans 4LB KhanaPakana Brand


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KhanaPakana Whole Moong Beans 4 LB

Sabut Moong Daal or Whole Mung Beans:
Sabut Moong Daal is also known as Mung Bean or Green Grams. Moong Daal or Mung Bean belongs to Vigna Radiata which is a family of seeds. Mung Beans have green skin on them that’s why they are known as Green Grams. Mung Beans are very popular in many countries and it is used with or without its skin in different dishes. Mung Beans are full of nutrition and taste and that’s why peoples of Pakistan and India love to eat it.

Mung Beans are used in several dishes. Due to its nutritional benefits, Mung Beans can be used as a meal for sick person as it gives health and energy to that person. It has many essential elements including dietary fibers, iron and proteins.

You can visit Moong Daal Split Mung Beans 2LB KhanaPakana Brand to view benefits and culinary uses of Mung Beans in detail.

Recipes of Split Mung Beans are available at Moong Daal Recipes at Khanapakana.com.

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Country Of Origin: Product of USA
Product Weight: 4 LBS (1.8 KG)
Storage Instructions: Store split green gram in an air tight container.
Package: Packet

Weight 1814.00 kg
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