Swad Kesar Mango Pulp (Sweetened) 850 Grams (30 OZ) 1 LB.14 OZ


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This pulp is imported from India and is great for making sauces, drinks, pastry fillings, or anything else you can imagine. Fresh mangoes, the taste can vary depending on which mangoes are in season, or on how ripe each mango is. Swad’s Mango Pulp,has a consistently delicious taste.

Serve Chilled

Country of Origin: Product of India
Ingredients: Kesar Mango, Sugar, Water and Citric Acid.
Product Weight: 850 Grams (30 OZ) 1 LB.14 OZ
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Tin

Weight 850.00 kg
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