Stillman Red Skincare Cream 150 Grams


Stillman’s Freckle Cream

Importance Of This Cream:
Freckles are a very common problem on the face of such persons, who possess quite fair skin. Freckles can be on the face of any person but become very prominent on the skin of such people, who possess very fair skin. Freckles are very small dots of size of head of a common pin and they are produced in the upper layer of face skin. They usually have brown or tan color and the shape of a freckle is usually circular flat. If they would be very light or less in quantity, even then they look bad on face and anyone don’t want them on his/her face.
How Freckles Are Produced?
The very obvious reason of production of freckles on skin is the more interaction of skin with sunlight. Melanin is a chemical, which is produced inside of face skin layers and it protects the skin from harmful effects of sunlight. Melanin is also responsible of production of tan color of skin. In actual, the more melanin would be there inside the layers of skin, the tanner the skin would appear. Sometimes, due to production of melanin inside the layers of face skin, freckles appear on the skin, which for sure don’t look good. Freckles can appear at anywhere on body but they are most likely to appear on the face skin of any person. The freckles look ugly in the vision of any person and even their low concentration on face can result in the deterioration of fair, smooth, even and beautiful look of the face skin.
Stillman’s Freckle Cream:
Stillman’s company is a very well known company, especially for the development of such products, which are being made for the permanent removal of marks, spots, blemishes, dark area on face and freckles. This company has become able to achieve such a good fame in its related market because Stillman’s company has never compromised on the quality of products, produced under its brand name. On the other hand, the products produced by this company have always showed splendid results for the removal of those skin problems, due to which these products were being developed. Besides, people are sure that the products belong to Stillman’s company would never harm their skins in any way because this company do comprehensive research on ingredients, prior to make them part of any product.
Stillman’s Freckle cream has been produced for the very annoying problem for any person of having ugly looking freckles on face skin or any other part of the body skin. The regular and uninterrupted use of this cream, permanently removes the freckles from anywhere on the skin and its continuous use makes sure that the freckles would never come back, anywhere on skin.

Some Important Points Of This Product:

Removes freckles pimples-spots refines the pores

For a clear, spotless face

For external use only

Before use read complete directions on enclosed folder.

Manufactured By: The Stillman Company Inc,
Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Product Weight:

Net Weight: 0.98 OZ (28 Grams)

Gross Shipping Weight: 5.3 OZ (150 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Store in a Cool and dry Place.
Package: Box (Heavy Stone Jar)

Weight 150.00 kg
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