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KhanaPakana Sabut Urad Daal 2 LB

Urad Daal Whole:
Urad Daal is also known as Black Gram, Vigna Mungo and Black lentil. Urad Daal is basically a seed which is grown in different areas of South Asia. Urad Daal, since its first use in Ancient times of India, is very famous all over the world for culinary uses in India, Pakistan and other Asian South Asian Regions and hold the status one of the most popular Pulses. Urad Daal or Black Gram gives amazing taste when cooked in the form of Daal dish and is loved by thousands of Indians and Pakistanis.

Cultivation of Urad Daal in moist climate of hills resulted in high quality taste. It is full of Vegetable proteins and is best suited Daal for vegetarians.

Sabut Urad Daal Whole:
Sabut Urad Daal Whole is a pure form of Urad Daal as cultivated. it differs from White Urad Daal or White Lentils because the skin of Black lentils or Sabut Urad Daal is removed.

Health Benefits of Urad Daal:

Urad Daal is loaded with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is full of proteins and that’s why the best proteins substitute of meat for vegetarians

Urad Daal has iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins

Urad Daal improves the health of the body and increases hairs growth

It is a natural energizer because it provides all necessary minerals and vitamins to the body

Ural Daal has high amount fibers which improves digestion and prevents constipation problem

Urad Daal has Anti-inflammatory properties

It improves Nervous system disorders including shaken system, prejudiced paralysis and facial stoppage

Its use also controls cholesterol level and improves health of the heart

Culinary Uses of Urad Daal:
In Pakistan, India and other Asia regions, Urad Daal or Black Gram has several culinary uses. Some of the most important uses of Urad Daal are as follows:

Urad Daal is used in Barian (ground dal spiced balls) or Papad (a wafer variant) as it is main ingredient of these dishes

Urad Daal is common in South Indian Cuisines

Combination of Urad Daal and fried Garlic or Onion gives appetizing taste

It is also used for the preparation of “Vadas”

Cooking Urad Daal with onion, tomatoes fresh veggies gives amazing and nutritious food

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