Rivaaj Emergency Cone Henna 16 OZ (450 Grams)


Rivaaj Emergency Cone Henna 16 OZ

Using Henna for decorating is very famous and common in the women of India and Pakistan. They use it to color their grey hair, to change their hair color or to decorate their hands and feet on different events like marriages. There are different ways of using henna. On hairs, they normally use brush. For skin application, some use toothpick to apply it, many use squeeze bottles or tubes for that and a rare number of peoples apply it with finger also. Using cone tubes is very famous option.
Rivaaj Emergency henna is available in cone tube which is very easy to apply and gives smooth line. It contains fresh henna in it and so provides the true color of fresh henna. Rivaaj Cone has natural henna in it and that’s why it is fully compatible with skin. It provides restful sleep and also instant coloring. It can also be used for BAQ (Body Art Quality) and Tattooing. It has cooling effect on skin that’s why it is the best choice for summer.

Apply Rivaaj Emergency Cone Henna:

Wash your body part with soap before using Rivaaj Cone Henna.

Make designs and after completion, wait until it dries.

Remove the dry henna from body part using tissue of towel.

Apply hair oil or skin cream on the area you have decorated.

After 10-15 minutes, you can wash your hand, but with plain water.

For long lasting color, avoid soap.


Rivaaj Emergency Cone packet should be placed in dark place, away from sunlight.

Rivaaj Emergency henna is for External use only.

It is only for skin use only.

Do not try to color your eyebrows or eyelashes with it.

Manufactured By: A.K.& Sons Karachi-Pakistan

Country Of Origin: Product of Pakistan


Natural Henna

Henna Oil (MU grade)

Sodium Picramate


Product Weight: 16 OZ (450 Grams)
Quantity: 10 Cone x 1.6 OZ (45 Grams) Each = 450 Grams
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Box
Color: Reddish Black

Shelf Life: 1 Year

Weight 450.00 kg
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