Rani Kone Body Decoration Paste 1.05 OZ (30 Grams)


Rani Kone Body Decoration Paste 1.05 OZ

Women love to use Henna to decorate their hands and feet. It is the part of their makeup and decoration for a long time. It is famous mostly in the regions of Asia where women use henna to decorate their body on marriages, EID, Dewali and other occasions like that. Henna used for skin decoration is the same as the henna used for Hair coloring. It is obtained from henna plant, after crushing henna leaves. It is natural and herbal that’s why it has no negative effect on skin. It acts as a cooling agent on skins and keeps the temperature of the body cooler. It leaves stains on skin that’s why used for tattooing and body Art Quality (BAQ).

The finest quality and largest selling body decoration paste in the world.

Extra dark radish

Made in Saudi Arabia

Warning: Not to be used on lips and around the eyes area.

Manufactured By:
Rani Kone

Country of Origin: Product of Saudi Arabia

Product Weight: 1.05 OZ (30 Grams)

Instructions: Read all directions before use store in a cool place.

Package: Box

Weight 30.00 kg
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