Patak’s Madras Curry Paste 10 OZ (283 Grams)


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Patak’s Madras Curry Paste 10 OZ

Madras Curry:
In UK, America, Canada and many other countries, several restaurants have adopted Indian recipes due to increasing demand. They are now offering several most famous dishes of India. One of these most popular Indian Dishes is Madras Curry. Madras curry is a hot and sour curry which is famous for its appetizing taste. It is named Madras curry because it was originated in Madras, India which is now known as Chennai.

Curry Paste:
Curry Paste is a liquid mixture of different several herbs and spices which is used to make curry. It act as the main ingredient for making curry. In India, it is commonly used in almost every house and restaurant. The history of Curry Paste is linked with Vedic Period of Indian History which shows that it has too much historical importance.

Patak’s Madras Curry Paste:
Patak’s madras Curry paste is the most selling Patak’s product in western world. It has reddish color with sour and spicy taste. The secret of its popularity is the blend of natural herbs and spices in it such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, tamarind, garlic and chili. A ready to cook Curry paste reduces your load of cooking to a great extent. It refreshes the taste of true Madras Curry which is found in traditional Indian Restaurants.

Ingredients: Water, Vegetable oil, Coriander, Cumin (5%), Turmeric, Chili (4%), Salt, Maize flour, Ground ginger, Tamarind, Acetic acid, Spices (contains mustard), Garlic powder, Citric acid, Lactic acid.


Patak’s Madras Curry is made up of Original Madras curry ingredients

No additive or artificial color is added in it.

Addition of Chili and cumin give a hot and spicy taste.

Pure taste of India

Easy to use

Quick way to make Madras curry

Suitable for Vegetarians

Recipe is available le on Bottle

Note: This product contains mustard and may contain traces of peanut or tree nuts.

Manufactured By: Patak’s Food’s Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of UK

Product Weight: 10 OZ (283 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Glass Jar

Nutritional Values Per 100g

Calories: 289kcal

Protein: 4.7g

Carbohydate: 7.6g

Sugar: 2.1g

Fat: 25.9g

Saturated Fat: 1.9g

Fibre: 10.8g

Sodium: 1.62

Salt: 1.4g

Weight 600.00 kg
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