Nyle Natural Dryness Control Shampoo (Tulsi, Amla & Green Tea) 400 ML


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Nyle Natural Dryness Control Shampoo with Tulsi, Amla and Green Tea 13.52 FL OZ

Herbal Shampoo:
Herbal Shampoo is a Shampoo which contains natural herbs in it. The prominent benefit of Herbal Shampoo is its harmless treatment and conditioning due to the addition of Healthy Herbs in it. Now, peoples prefer to use Herbal Shampoo because they know that natural products are always best.

Nyle Natural Dryness Shampoo:
Every Nyle Shampoo is pure and herbal Shampoo and has only healthy ingredients. Nyle Natural Dryness Shampoo does not have any unhealthy or harmful effect on hairs. It has the extracts of Amla, Tulsi and Green Tea which mainly moisturizes your hair, and controls the dryness or your scalp. Amla, Tulsi and Green Tea are very beneficial for you. A few benefits are as follows:


Amla is very good herb for the regrowth of Hair

It gives Vitamin C to hair which reduces hair breakage due to the deficiency of Vitamin C.

It prevent premature greying of Hair

It is very effective for the treatment of Split ends of hair


Tulsi is considered as a very god Moisturizer for hair

Tulsi improves the blood circulation in your scalp and maintains the temperature of your scalp

Tulsi relieves itching in scalp and also prevents dandruff

It energized hair, promotes hair growth and keeps your scalp clean

Green Tea:

Green Tea gives strength to Hair

It is, now days, used in shampoos and conditioner due to its quality of managing split end

Green Tea is a very good Antioxidant.

A study in University of Medicine and Science has also proved that Green Tea is very effective in helping Hair Regrowth

Green Tea is also very good for dandruff problem

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Country of origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 13.52 FL OZ (400 ML)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry & cool Place
Package: Plastic Bottle

Weight 400.00 kg
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