Nyle Herbal Shine Shampoo with Amla Apricot & Shikakai Extracts 400 ML


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Nyle Herbal Shine Shampoo with Amla Apricot & Shikakai Extracts 13.52 FL OZ

Chemical Shampoo vs Herbal Shampoo:
The most common problem arising now days is the use of chemical shampoos. Chemical shampoos have chemicals which give smoothness, softness, shine and beauty to the hair for temporary period of time but can damage them permanently. On the other hand, herbal shampoos have natural herbs in them which make them effective as well as safe alternative. Herbal Shampoos repair hair and make them healthy, shiny, strong and beautiful naturally. That’s why in India, Herbal shampoos are very popular. Their importance is also increasing in other countries like USA, Canada, UAE and Pakistan.

Nyle herbal Shine Shampoo:
In India, one of the popular Herbal Shampoos is Nyle Herbal Shine Shampoo. Nyle herbal Shine Shampoo is a unique herbal formula which has the extracts of Amla, Reetha and Shikakai in it. It is very effective for weak, damaged, dry and rough Hairs and does not have any side effect on hair. It acts as a cleanser and removes dandruff from hair. It makes hair shiny, soft, healthy and moisturized.

Benefits of Nyle herbal Shine Shampoo:

Amla is the best herb for the prevention of Greying of Hair. Additionally, it is also very effective for hair loss

Shikakai is a natural conditioner which repairs damaged hair and give strength to them

Reetha is a natural conditioner which makes Hair soft and smooth

It is safe for hair with no reported side effect

It nourishes Hair and makes them longer

It also has Apricot extracts which has several Hair benefits

It is very good for dry and rough hair

Manufactured By:
CovinKare private Limited

Country of origin: Product of India
Product Weight: 13.52 FL OZ (400 ML)
Storage Instruction: Keep in cool and dry place

Package: Bottle

Weight 400.00 kg
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