Nomarks For All Skin Types and Uneven Skin Tones 25 Gm


Nomarks For All Skin Types and Uneven Skin Tones 0.88 OZ

Why One Should Use This Crème:
This is quite a well-known fact that almost all men and many women have to go out daily, for doing job or for the purpose of earning money. While spending time outside of their homes, they encounter many problems offered by environment. In fast wind, many small objects can strike the faces of people, which cause minor injuries on faces of people. Little injuries on faces can happen due to many other reasons and most of the times, injuries don’t take too much time in healing. Injuries always leave a minor or deep mark on the skin but in case of face, the mark left by injuries look very bad and the sufferer wants to remove the mark as early and as sufficiently as possible. There are many other things, which cause to produce bad looking marks on the face skin like rubbing of pimples, marks left by black spots, marks left by produced dark areas on face skin.
What Could Be Done For Removal of Bad Marks?
For the removal of such marks, people should use a cream, which possesses the ability of restoring the original condition of skin in which it was, prior of getting the injury. The cream should provide the damage cells of skin with that much essential nutrients, which are necessary for them to get back in their previous shape. The healthy cells give back the damaged skin, its smoothness, softness and lost health.
Nomarks for All Skin Types and Uneven Skin Tones:
This cream has been specifically developed for the removal of marks, produced due to different reasons on skins. The majority of constituents of this cream are natural and they nourish the damaged skin in such a way, which helps it to come back to its original form, very quickly. In this way, the developed skin gets back its previous health and the nourished cells give back the face, its original smooth, soft and beautiful look.

Its Main Advantages:

Daily Care for normal skin with uneven skin tone – For all age groups

Glowing fearness

All skin types and uneven skin tones

turmeric,lemon and wheat germ oil




Haridra (Curcuma longa) extract 0.05%

Kumari (Aloe barbadensis) extract 5%

Nimbu (Citrus limon) extract 1%

Godhuma (Triticum stivum) oil 1%

Sveta-Chandan (Santalum album) extract 1%

Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract 2%

Nimba (Azadirachta indica) extract 2%

Zergul (Calendula officinalis) extract 1.5%

Non- oily Base q.s.

Action: Nomarks Cream contains 100% natural actives micronutrients, antioxidants and sunscreens. They penetrate deeper layers of skin to detoxify and nourish it. The actives control melanin accumulation and protect skin from sun damage and pollutants. Even normal skin can become dull and lose its even tone due to constant exposure to harsh sun and pollutants present in the air.

Manufactured By:
Ozone Ayurvedics

Country of Origin: Product of India

Active Herbal Ingredients: Turmeric, Lemon, Wheat Germ Oil, Neem and Aloe.

Direction for use: For best results apply Nomarks Cream 2-3 times a day on a clean face. Use Nomarks Face Wash for efficient cleansing action.

Product Weight: 25 Grams (0.88 OZ)

Package: Box

Weight 25.00 kg
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