Nikhar Herbal Black Henna Kali Mehndi


Henna for hair is a natural product which is used to color the hair. It is the best Hair dye because it is natural. It is obtained from the leaves of Tropical Scrub, Lawsonia which is cultivated in the dry climates of India and Pakistan. It has no side effects on skin or hairs. It only makes a layer around the hairs which lock the moisture of the hairs and do not damage their shaft. It also strengthens the hairs.
Herbal Henna is a product of Henna in which some other natural ingredients are added to make it more efficient and more beneficial. Nikhar Mehndi also an Herbal henna and have natural herbs in it. It is safe to use and do not have any side effect.

There are several benefits of Nikhar Herbal Black Henna which are listed below.

It enhances Hair growth.

Natural Black color.

Good Quality Hair Conditioner.

Best solution for Dandruff and other infections.

It does not have any side effect on hairs.

Solution for headaches.

Reduces the split ends.

It also improves hair Shine and makes them silky.

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Product Weight: 50 GM

Instructions: Keep in Dry & cool Place
Package: Box

How to use?

Take Nikhar Herbal Henna powder as required and make a paste by adding water in it.

Apply it gently on your hair equally and give it time to dry for 30 minutes.

Rinse your hair with water, you can use shampoo.

Apply Hair oil on your hair for Shine.


Nikhar herbal Henna is safe to use but not for eyebrows or eye lashes.

Nikhar Herbal Henna is only for external Use.

Test on the skin behind the ear, if you have allergy with Henna. After 24 hours of testing, If you feel irritation, inflammation, swelling or infection, do not use Henna.

Weight 100.00 kg
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