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KP Brand Lobia 2 LB

Black Eye Beans Lobia:
Black Eye Peas or Black Eye Beans are legume. These are edible Cowpeas which have been included in “meat and Beans” section by US Department of Agriculture because these peas gives high amount of proteins and are very good substitute of Meat Protein.

Black Eye Beans have medium sized oval shape with black dot on it. These peas have amazing savory flavor and that’s why peoples all over the world love to eat them.

Nutritional Benefits of Black Eye Peas:

Black Eye Peas are full of calories. Calories in Black Eye Peas come from Carbohydrate sources and also provide protein. One serving of Black Eye Peas gives 3 gram of protein with 70 calories.

Additionally, these peas have high amount of dietary fibers in it which improves digestion. These dietary fibers also controls cholesterol level of the body and provide health to heart.

Soluble dietary fiber maintains the level of sugar and that’s why good for diabetes patient.

Black Eye Peas also have several vitamins and minerals in it. These mineral include potassium, sodium, zinc and iron.

Health benefits of Black Eye Peas:

Black Eye Peas are perfect for health. They improve digestion and gives nutrition to your body.

Peas are considered very well for patients of cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure.

Use of Black Eye Peas improves immunity system; heal wounds and good for protein synthesis.

Uses of Black Eye Peas:

In south of US, black-eyed peas, rice, and pork are cooked together to make a traditional dish. In another dish, it is marinated in Italian salad dressing, chopped garlic, and served cold.

Black Eye Peas are very popular in Portugal as these are served with boiled cod and potatoes, with tuna, and in salads.

Chè d?u tr?ng is a very famous sweet dessert on Vietnam in which black-eyed peas, rice and coconut milk are used.

These Peas are used to make different dishes in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

Colombian people use peas to make a recipe named buñuelo.

It is cooked in the form of Daal and also served with boiled rice in India and Pakistan. In these countries, Black Eye Peas are known as Lobia or Rongi.

Akkra is very famous in African regions in which black-eyed peas are mashed and mixed with salt, onions and/or peppers and then fried.

In many areas of the world, Peoples uses Black Eye Peas to make dish which is considered as a sign of Good Luck on New Year’s Eve.

Famous Black Eye Peas Recipes are available at Recipes of Black Eye Peas Lobia.

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