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What is Almond Oil?
Almond oil is the extract of dried fruit of Almond Plant. It is one of the most popular natural oils and it used for several benefit. Human are using Almond Oil from 3000 B.C due to its several medicinal and personal care uses. In the past.
Almond Oil is extracted from Almond plant which is found in Middle East and South Asia. Almond has a hard outer cover which must be removed before using Almond. Its color is clear, pale yellow with no odor. After extraction, Almond Oil is used for its relevant use.

Qualities of Almond Oil:
Almond Oil is full of unsaturated fats and useful fatty acids. It is considered as the best source of obtaining Vitamin E and K with some natural gifts such as calcium and magnesium. Almond Oil adds flavor and taste in grains and toasts. It is full of nutrition and does not have only nutritious benefits. Almond oil is also used in many other things.

Composition of Almond Oil:

Main elements of Almond Oil are fatty acids, unsaturated fats, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It is a Cholesterol free Edible oil which contains high amount of Calcium and Magnesium. It has

Vitamin E is the best anti-oxidant gifted by nature. Vitamin E contributes a lot in improving the water binding properties which reduces water loss and keeps skin away from dryness, and roughness.

Vitamin K eliminates dark circles and improves skin discoloration.

Fatty acids are very beneficial for cellular membranes. It improves and normalizes cell lipid layer and reduces water loss by increasing water retention capability.

Unsaturated Fats maintains the moisture of the skin and keeps skin velvety soft.

Benefits of Almond Oil:

Almond oil for the skin
Almond Oil improves the complexion of skin and make it glowing. It moisturizes skin very well and give a solution for dryness and itching. It nourishes skin, make it soft, reduces the process of ageing, relieves inflammation, removes dark circles and treats chapped lips and rashes.

Almond oil for the hair
Massaging, a few drops of Almond Oil, on your scalp comforts your brain. It makes hair healthy and add luster to them. It controls hair fall and make hair beautiful by making them strong, thick and long.

Almond oil for the health
For Health, Almond and Almond Oil has exceptional benefits. Its regular use maintains the level of cholesterol and reduces high level cholesterol. It is considered as the best fruit for brains and nervous system as it makes them healthy. It is a natural pain killer which relieves the pain of muscles.

Joy Almond Oil:
Joy Almond Oil is made up of pure Almond Oil. It contains only Almond Oil and no harmful additive is added in it. Is removes the dryness of the scalp and keep it moisturized. It soothes brain and repairs damages hairs by repairing the broken or spilt end hairs. Joy Almond Oil contains Natural Almond Oil but it is made for use on ond Oil contaisn Natural Almond Oil bnut itis t. Is removes the dryness of the scalp and mke it moisturised.ergye on scalp and body.

Important Note:
Use only a few drops of Almond Oil to apply it on your face or skin.
It is a nut oil and if you have allergy with them, you should better avoid it or consult your physician.
Product Weights:

473 ML (16 OZ)

32 OZ (946 ML)

Ingredients: Pure Almond Oil
Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place
Package: Bottle

Weight 473.00 kg
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