Himani Navratna Oil 16.9 FL OZ (500 ML)


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What is Ayurvedic Oil?
Ayurveda Oil is basically an Herbal Oil based on the old Herbal formula which is in practice for years. Ayurveda Oil contains herbal ingredients and no chemical or artificial ingredient is used in it. Ayurvedic Oils does not have any side effect on health.
Himani Navratna Oil:
Himani Navratna Oil is a Herbal oil which is made by Emani Ltd. It has the blend of nine different herbs which makes it a very effective and efficient product. It is 100% natural and no unhealthy oils are added in it which makes it safe to use. The best thing about Himani Navratna Oil is that it can be used on hair and on skin both. On Hairs it works as a treatment for hair. It repairs damages hair, removes dandruff, fights with the problem of Hair loss and also soothes Headache. It can be used on skin and Muscles to relieve Muscles pain.

Is Himani Navratna Oil is Natural?
Himani Navratna Oil is a very famous Indian product due to its Herbal benefits. Its herbal ingredients are carefully selected and processed and there are no impurities in it. It is 100% free from harmful chemicals.

Ingredients & their Benefits

Japa Pushpa: Promotes Hair Growth and removes Baldness

Amla: Promote Hair Growth and removes Dandruff

Bhringaraj: Controls hair falls and cures alopecia

Sailaja: Relieves headache and cools head

Kshir Kakoli: Cools the head

Pudina Ka Phool: Cures Headache

Nagarmotha: Promotes hair Growth, Cures headache, cools head

Kunch: prevents Premature hair fall and useful in skin diseases

Lata Kasturi: Keeps Head Cool

Pros of Himani Navratna Oil:

It is a multi-purpose Oil

It removes Physical and Mental stress- Tension, Headache, Fatigue, Insomnia and body ache

It is pure herbal and natural oil

Economically feasible product

Nourishes Scalp

Direction to Use: Apply on Hair, Scalp or Skin and Massage Gently for a few minutes.
Product Weight: 16.9 FL OZ (500 ML)

Manufactured By: Emani Limited
Country of Origin: Product of India
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Box

Weight 500.00 kg
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