Himani Boro Plus Healthy Skin Antiseptic Cream 1.41 OZ (40 Grams)


Himani Boro Plus Healty Skin Antiseptic Cream 1.41 OZ

Antiseptic Cream:

Antiseptic Cream is an ointment which is applied on skin to reduce the chances or to treat infection, sepsis and small wounds. These creams are also known as antibiotic creams because they destroy bacteria any other microorganisms. These creams also treat burns, scratches, cuts and insect bites.

Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream:

Boro Plus antiseptic cream is best ointment for the treatment of dry skin problems like small cuts, scratches, burns, rashes, incest bites and itching. It is made of pure Herbal ingredients which is its uniqueness. Boro Plus is the largest selling Antiseptic Cream in all over India, Russia, Ukraine and Nepal. Peoples of India and many other countries love it due to its herbal qualities and effective results.

Ingredients of Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream:

Natural herbs and ingredients Zinc Oxide 2.5%, Extract of Spiked Ginger Lily 1.5%, Sandalwood, Aloe Vera, Neem 1% each, Boric Acid 0.8%, vetiver 0.5%, Holy Basil 0.4%, Tumeric, Licquorice 0.3% each, Talc 11.0%, Ointment vehicle q.s.

Pros of Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream:

It is a Herbal and Hygienic Cream

It contains the beautiful fragrance of flowers which gives fresh feeling

Effective on the area of knees and elbows

Can be used on cracked feet

Can be applied on small burns

Cons of Himani Boro Plus:

Cream does not absorbed completely

Leaves oiliness on skin

Does not effective on Chapped Lips

Note: But all these cons are not so important. Benefits of Boro Plus are much more than the drawbacks of it.

Manufactured By:
Emani Limited

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 1.41 OZ (40 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Weight 40.00 kg
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