Hemani Herbal Turmeric Soap Bar 100 Grams


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Need Of A Luxury Soap:

There are many people, especially working women, who don’t get enough time for giving some importance on their beauty matters. Actually their professional life don’t allow them to get at least that much free so they would be able to give some time to their beauty related matters. Women not only want to have beautiful face skin but actually it is a need for them to have good looking appearance. The application of various beauty products takes a lot of time and for many beauty products, it is very necessary to keep them on face skin for considerably long time. Professional women just can’t afford to give so much time on their beauty issues. For such kind of working women, it is very much required that they should be provided with some kind of beauty product, whose action time would be much much less and have the ability of producing the same results, which any good quality beauty product produce.

Benefits Of Turmeric:

The turmeric is a very well known spice and it is very famous because of its healing power. Its contents are used in many medicines, which would have been prepared for the purpose of quick healing of injuries and wounds. Turmeric is very good for the face skin as well and its continuous and regular application on face skin makes it clean, clear and healthy. The contents of turmeric heal those areas or regions of face skin, which had been damaged or have lost their health because of any reason.

Hemani Turmeric Soap Bar:

A gentle soap deeply cleansing, is combination of herbal ingredients & Turmeric Extract for skin double white and helps prevent cell damage. Its works by gently lifting away dirt, oil, makeup and removes wrinkles on your face. Leave skin noticeably soft and smooth for the moment you cleanse.

Combination of herbal ingredients & turmeric extract

Skin double white and helps prevent cell damage

Helps remove wrinkles

Promotes fair complexion

Skin noticeably soft and smooth

Manufactured By: Hemani International KEPZ

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Product Weight: 3.50 OZ (100 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Weight 100.00 kg
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