Hemani Black Seeds Massage Cream 1.76 OZ (50 Grams)


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Hemani Black Seeds Massage Cream 1.76 OZ

Hemani Black Seeds Massage Cream:
This massaging cream has been introduced by the Hemani Company and the black seeds have been used in it for making it very special for the health of body and skin. The regular massage of this cream very effectively eliminates many skin and body related problems. This massaging cream is enriched with the core characteristics and benefits of black seeds and it can be used by massaging it on the body skin and it easily penetrates through the layers of skin. It is very effective against different kinds of body pains, joint pains and inflammation in different organs of the body. The massage of this cream very effectively enhances the beauty of skin. It removes all the problems of skin and saves it from becoming dry, which results in smooth, soft and supple skin. The massage of this cream, quite considerably enhances the overall vitality of any person.
Black Seeds:
Black seeds possess some great benefits in them for the health and beauty of any person. Black seeds are in use of people for several last centuries because people have always find them very beneficial for the health and beauty of their body and skin. The use of black seeds is quite effective against the problems like hypertension, inflammation of different body organs, for saving the internal body from many bacteria, for strengthening of immunity system, for promotion of lactation in human body, for keeping the body away from different harmful parasitic effects etc etc. Nigella and melatin are two most important constituents of black seeds, which are very effective for the health of skin, hairs and digestive system of human body.
Some Important Benefits Of This Cream:

The regular massage of this cream gives immense health to body and skin of any person

It removes all kinds of pains and aches from the muscles and joints of any person

It very effectively enhances the beauty and health of skin of any person

This cream is very effective against the problem of inflammation in many body organs

This cream provides a very good cure against many skin problems

Manufactured By: Hemani International KEPZ
Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Ingredients: Nigella Sativa, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Menthol and Paraffinum Solidum.
Product Weight: 1.76 OZ (50 Grams)
Storage Instructions: Keep in a Cool and Dry Place
Package: Box
Directions: Apply the soothing vapor rub and massage well into the skin.

Weight 50.00 kg
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