Godrej Liquid Hair Dye Black 40ML


User Guide:

Wear suitable gloves and apply petroleum jelly or oil to keep skin free of stains.

Mix the required equal quantities of Godrej expert liquid hair colour and the developer in a glass or plastic bowl. Use a plastic brush/spoon for mixing. Apply the mixture on washed & dried hair with a brush.

Leave for 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water.

Poison: Not for internal use. Wear suitable gloves during application. Do not use if you have already experi8enced an allergic reaction to a hair colour/dye.

Skin Hypersensitivity Test: Always perform hypersensitivity test 48 hours before each application of this product. Cleanse a small area of skin behind the ear or inner surface of the forearm using soap and water or alcohol. Mix a small quantity of colourant and developer and apply on previously cleansed skin and allow it to dry. Wash after 48 hrs with soap & water and observe. The colour cab be considered safe for use if no reddening, burning, itching or swelling is experienced in or around the test area.

Declaration colourant contains phenylenediamine and resorcinol. Developer contains hydrogen peroxide.

Arylamine Content (as p-phynylenediamine) not more than 2 % in colourant ready for use follow instructions as given in the enclosed leaflet.

Safety Instructions: Cab cause allergic reaction; skin hypersensitivity test should first be performed as given in instruction leaflet 48 hours before each application of this product. Keep out of the reach of children; do not use to colour eyelashes & eyebrows, as such use may cause blindness; Rinse eyes immediately with water if product comes in contact with them; protect from direct sunlight & heat; follow instruction leaflet given inside the pack; for cranial hair only (hair on scalp); wear suitable gloves; rinse hair well after application; part of a multi-piece pack.

Safety Instructions: Do not use for eyelashes or eyebrows as its use may cause blindness. Rinse eyes immediately if product comes in contact with them. Wear suitable gloves follow the instruction leaflet inside the pack. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from direct sunlight & heat.

Special Instructions: This bottle is a part of a multi-piece pack. Not to be sold loose.

No ammonia natural looking hair pleasant fragrance expert used by millions everyday.

Lolour lock formulation

100% grey coverage

Long lasting

No ammonia

Ingredients Declaration: Developer contains hydrogen peroxide

Weight of Product:

Manufactured By: Godrej Consumer Products Ltd

Country of Origin: Product of India

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place.

Package: Box

Weight 40.00 kg
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