Fairever Fairness Cream 2.8 OZ (80 Grams)


Fairever Fairness Cream 2.8 OZ

Fairness cream is a mixture of different ingredients which is used to apply on skin In order to get fairer skin color. It is used to remove dark spots, fair skin tone, healing damaged skin and making skin ore beautiful and soft. Fairness crams normally have natural ingredients in them but there are several products which has some artificial ingredients in them. Natural Fairever Cream is a fairness cream for fair and soft skin. It is equally suitable for Men and women. It has natural ingredients which makes your skin fairer and more beautiful. Main ingredients Saffron and Milk make it more efficient. Saffron is the extract of flower of Crocus Sativus which is also known as Saffron Crocus. It maintains the health of Skin and brightens the skin tone within four weeks. Fairever Cream has been improved and provides protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Benefits of using Fairever Fairness Cream:

It gives natural glow to the skin

It brightens the dull skin

It has ingredients which provides protection against ultra violet rays

It enhances skin complexion

It makes skin soft and healthy

Within 4 weeks, the results will be shown

Benefits of Saffron and Milk:

Saffron has anti-bacterial qualities which cure the damaged skin areas

Saffron is the best skin lighting agent which lightens the skin tone

With Milk, Saffron makes the complexion of your skin fairer and removes the dark spots of your skin.

Directions for Use

Take cream on your palm as required and gently apply in your skin

Product Weight: 2.8 OZ (80 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & dry Place
Package: Box

Beauty Tips: Read the article “Beauty Tips for fair Complexion”

Weight 80.00 kg
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