Eastern Palada (100 Grams)


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The finest palada flakes hygienically prepared and conveniently packed, to make delightfully delicious palada payasam in an instant. Say goodbye to the labourious ada making process of yore! Just cut the pack and use these rice flakes instantly.
Manufactured By:
Eastern Condiments (Pvt) Ltd,
Country Of Origin: Product of India
Ingredients: Rice flour
Eastern Palada Pradhaman Wash Eastern palada flakes in cold water and strain. Soak in one litre of boiling water in a covered vessel for 20 minutes. Wash the soaked palada flakes in cold water two to three times. Boil three litres of milk. Add soaked and washed eastern palada flakes to milk after it has come to boil. Stir gently till the flakes are well cooked and become soft to touch. Add 750g of sugar and continue stirring on low fire till the colour changes from milk-white to pink. Romove from fire and stir for another ten minutes. Add one tablespoon of butter and the powder form eight cardamom seeds.
Product Weight: 100 Grams
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Directions: Box
Package: Box

Weight 100.00 kg
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