Dettol Anti Bacterial Fresh Soap 3.88 OZ (110 Grams)


Dettol Anti Bacterial Fresh Soap 3.88 OZ

What is Dettol?
Dettol is a famous international brand which manufacturers bathroom products and other cleansing products of home usage. Dettol brand was first launched in 1950 by one of the world’s famous companies, Reckitt Benckiser. Dettol is very famous in UK, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and many other countries. It is famous due to its anti-germs and anti-bacterial protection and stands in world’s best soaps against germs.

Dettol Soaps:
Dettol is currently manufacturing a long range of bath soaps. These soaps are mainly based on providing you protection against germs and bacteria to ensure complete health of every person of your home. Dettol Soaps are, additionally, providing several other benefits with protection which makes them more than just an anti-bacterial sap.

Dettol Anti-Bacterial Fresh Soap:
Dettol Anti- Bacterial Soaps have different categories. One of them is Fresh Soap. The main purpose of Anti-bacterial soap is protection against bacteria. Additionally, Dettol Anti-Bacterial Fresh Soap provides fresh fragrance which keeps your mood fresh. It provides hygienic cleansing with long lasting reliable protection and leaves refreshing citrus fragrance.

Benefits of Dettol Soaps:



Trust worthy

Complete Safety



Complete Family Health

Good Fragrance

Is Dettol Soap good For me?
Dettol has a very positive image in international market. In some countries, it ranks in top best bath soap. It is based on medical and clinical researches which shows that Dettol Soaps are really effective ones. If you want to use a sop which not only gives fragrance and to your body but also gives protection and safety to skin, you must use Dettol Anti-Bacterial Fresh Soap.

Manufactured By:
Reckitt Benckiser

Country of Origin: Product of Indonesia

Product Weight: 3.88 OZ (110 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Plastic Packet

Weight 110.00 kg
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