Deep Udad Dal Chilka 2 LB (907 Grams)


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Urad dal Chilka retains the skins and also has a strong flavour. This urad dal with skin is creamy white from inside and dark brown black coloured from outside with somewhat bland and creamy flavour when cooked. The dal is boiled and has an unusual mucilaginous texture. Chilkewali urad dal is a traditional ingredient in Indian curries and dishes. These are low in fat and rich in protein and fibre. They turn thick and mushy when cooked. The most commong Indian dish prepared using this dal is dal makhani.

Split matpe beans

Lentiless d’urid casse

Best Quality

Manufactured By: Deep Foods, Inc
Ingredients: Udad
Product Weight: 2 LB (907 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place
Package: Packet

Weight 907.00 kg
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