Dabur Glucose-D 9.35 OZ (266 Grams) with +33% Free


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Dabur Glucose D + 33% extra free

Instant Energy

Fights Fatigue

Vital Nutrients Vitamin & Calcium

Strength to the Bones

Boost Immunity

High grade Dextrose Monohydrate

What is Glucose D?
Glucose D is considered as a instant energy drink which provides essential vitamins, calcium, minerals and salts to the body to maintains the energy level of the body after all the day. There are several Glucose D products in the market which helps in restoring the energy level of the body.

Dabur Glucose D:
Dabur has made an amazing energy drink with calcium and vitamin D which boost up your body. It’s a source of instant energy for your body which is best to restore the energy level of the body. Due to working, exercising and excess sweating, body loses many essential nutrients, vitamins, salts and miners which results in weakness, and low energy level. Glucose D by Dabur gives back the health and energy of the body by providing all essential elements to the body. It keeps body energetic and active all day and revitalizes you after a tough routine.

Dabur Glucose D has Vitamin D which helps body to absorb calcium to make bones and muscles strong and active. It’s a hid grade, high quality and extra refined Glucose product which fights with body fatigue, boost up immunity level of the body and keeps you fresh after a daily tough routine.

Why Dabur Glucose D is good for me?
Dabur Glucose D is a high grade energy drink which instantly restores the energy of the body. It is based on advance formula which helps in restoring the level of vitamins, calcium and many other mineral. It’s best for growing kids and sports persons.

Is Dabur Glucose D safe?
Dabur Glucose D has only those vitamins and minerals which are essential for human body. It does not contains any unnecessary or extra ingredient. Its ingredients only have benefits and have no reported side effects or after effects.

Manufactured by: Dabur India Ltd.

Country of Origin: Product of India

Product Weight: 9.35 OZ (266 Grams)

Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place

Package: Box

Weight 266.00 kg
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