Aeroplane Tamarind Imli Raw 200 Grams (7 OZ)


This fruity sour seasoning comes from the large broad bean pod of a tropical tree native to India. The brown pulp is scrapped from the pods, dried and sold. It is also refered to as Indian date, and can be bought here in many forms: raw, powder and concentrate. Raw tamarind must be boiled and squeezed through a sieve. (Be sure to discard all fibers, skin and seeds before use.)
To add a dash of Indian flavor and aroma to your cooking.
Manufactured By:
ADF Foods LTD,
Country Of Origin: Product of India
Ingredients: Tamarind
Product Weight: 200 Grams (7 OZ)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool & Dry Place
Package: Plastic Packet

Weight 200.00 kg
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